This movie shows a simple snowball animation test. Our L3 Geo Locator is used to animate the snowball, by simply rolling it along the UV coordinates of the base surface. Wheel computation is set to spherical mode. Wheel radius and surface offset are animated. The geo locator adjusts rotation speed automatically in relation to the current radius.

The test scene was set up using our L3Deformer toolkit. L3 Curve Deformer was used to set up the hires base geometry. L3 Texture Deformer was applied to add some irregularity to the base surface and snowball. L3 Collision Deformer was applied to create a precise ball indentation on the base geometry.

L3 Geo Locator outputs the original surface alignment excluding wheel rotations as a matrix attribute. Using the L3 Decompose Matrix node we applied this rotation data to the L3 Collider node to get a precisely aligned collision projection direction.

L3Library is available for free. You can download it at
L3Deformer is a commercial Maya plugin purchasable at our website.

L3Library and L3Deformer are available for Maya 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2013.5 Windows.

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