Dancing Stars is a school project I made for “Experimental Development” in my last year Digital Design and Media at the University College West-flanders (Howest). Our assignment consisted of developing a multimedia installation.

I created a starry sky with 80 led’s that interact with music. You can create music with a selfmade drawing that you use like a keyboard, and this made possible by a MakeyMakey. The music is triggered by an air application on your desktop, this app sends data to light the specific lit to the Arduino at the back of the starry sky. I used Arduinoconnector Native Extension to make the connection from Air to Arduino. There were a lot of cables, shiftregisters and breadboards needed to connect all led’s to the Arduino Uno board.

There are a few extra options in this project: you can choose what kind of music tune you want to hear, and it’s possible to randomise the stars or lit all stars at once. You can also connect to a server and receive or send data from or to another project. For the server I used AIRServer 0.5.

This was my first Arduino project, before this I had no experience with electronics what so ever. I had a lot of fun making this and I am looking forward to my next project.

Special thanks to the actor in the movie!

background music:
"Siesta" by Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com)

Musicbox tunes:

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