[I'd like it to be known that for reasons I'd rather not go into, I no longer wish to be associated with Collier or anything he is involved with. I would remove these videos, but so many people seem to find them helpful.]

We discuss our opinions about shooting with all the cams, as well as the results. (The scene at the end was a quickie grade in FCP-X). The resolution on this one has been dropped to 720p to keep the file size down since it is mostly our discussion and not a lot of demo footage.

The one thing we forgot to mention is the cadence on the BMD footage. It just seems off, almost like it's 25fps or 26fps instead of 24, it feels a bit video-ish. [edit - I've been told that if you switch from 24fps ot 23.98 in post the cadence looks correct.]

Part 4 will not make it up on the web. the drive containing the footage failed and I while i was able to recover much of the drive's contents I could not access the footage at all.

Sxv'Leithan Essex 1969-2013, you were a giant among men. RIP my friend.

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