This year, April 2012, I visited a coastal hamlet called Birling Gap not too far from Eastbourne.

Birling Gap is famous for the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, one of the longest stretches of undeveloped coastline on the south coast.
It is likely that soon it will no longer exist due to the rapid rate of erosion.

I originally had a narrated story for the video but ditched the idea, as the visuals paired with the music carried the ‘story’ better.
The story was about a boy who’s father committed suicide by jumping off the white cliffs.
I preferred to leave the film open to the viewer’s interpretation, hence omitting the narration.

To film this I used the following:
Canon 5D MK II
24-105mm and 50mm 1.8 lenses.
Hi-Tech ND Grads
Konova Slider

More information and images can be found on my blog here:

Hope you enjoy it.

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