for anjinhos
music: Lumen "Wolf"
footage: Teen Wolf Seasons 1,2
pairing: sterek
Happy New Year!!

and approximate translation of the song
I should not have threw my soul away at the threshold
It has withered, crushed
But I couldn’t trail such a burden along.
It has been scratching, screaming.
Let at night the evilwolves drag it away in the woods, evil wolves…
If I need I bring it back
Have no soul – but have double-barrelled gun
And my soul there – in the bogs – has swelled, revived, adjusted!
The gray wolf was bringing it under gray fell,
And it didn’t want to return to me.
So I shot the grey wolf through the chest
Shot through
But it didn’t help me to return my soul
Didn’t help
It didn’t want to get into me
It didn’t want me
And with the yellow eyes
It’s waiting and bare its teeth
My soul is strange now,
Yearns to get the wolf pack
And I run her down
I’m a wolf, I’m sure…

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