The legendary Larry King writes: "The Equation is a Cross-Cultural Odyssey, an asset that will inspire in people the science of success."

Discovered in 2001 at age 16 and handwritten to a book at age 25, The Equation
is an international innovation; a modern runway towards a higher accomplishment.

The Equation Book tells a true, cross-cultural saga that spans over 58 Years and explores exciting adventures on 4 continents. The Story of a young lad, born to a wealthy family and shackled on an island of battling hierarchies. The youth leaves his home, and meets great dangers and tragedies as he seeks to discover
Time's Silent Secret.
At the turn of the Millennium, the mission was to track historic clues and discover an Equation that was lost through the times ... hidden in the margins. An Equation that whoever finds it will be Transformed. And with its 4 Rings of Power ... design destiny. A Revolution is inspired! Time Stops!
Will the lad transform or bit from the forbidden power and be carried to the brink of Death?


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