Series Title: The Rescuer Rises
Sermon Title: The Rescuer Recognized
Sermon Text: Luke 2:21-40
Big Idea: Recognizing our rescuer during regular times requires regular practice.

I hope you all have had a great Christmas and have enjoyed the joy of giving gifts, receiving gifts and stuffing your face full of food. There really is nothing like experiencing the joy of giving a gift. I remember last year's Christmas, it the last Christmas in Denver for my wife and I. I remember really wanting to surprise the socks off my wife by getting her a gift she really desired.... a DSLR camera. I remember how hard it was for me to keep it a secret. Not because she kept nagging at me, but because I had a hard time keeping it a secret due to my own excitement. You know that excitement? Have you ever experienced that same type of excitement and then you give the gift and the recipient isn’t as excited? How about when you give the gift and the recipient doesn’t even know what the gift is… doesn’t recognize it?

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