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undressing Sara/Sara dressing is a response to the expectations viewers have of women in popular culture. Through a stop motion animation video and accompanying film stills, it echos the absurdity of these expectations in an equal but opposite manner.

In the video, actress Sara Canning continuously takes off her clothes only to reveal another layer of clothing underneath, never becoming naked. The costumes and performance, which take their ques from a modern history of negative and positive female representation, are often the antithesis of the costumes and performances Sara is expected to wear/give in her profession.

In a physical reversal of a Helmut Newton photograph, Sara and I reverse the power dynamics between the typically clothed male photographer and naked female subject. The project teases and surprises the viewer by subverting expected gendered nakedness, implicating the viewer and their role in proliferating this social double standard.

The photographs, pulled from the video, are meant to highlight the moments of the video that are particularly bizarre or funny. As still images they act as sexy fashion photography gone wrong. They remain alluring, but for different reasons. They present what is typically not coveted as something to be admired.

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