this tutorial + associated code focuses on finding and getting beautiful color palettes into your openFrameworks application.

the following 411 covers how to export color palettes from adobe illustrator (AI) – found using the kuler extension – and save them in an xml format that is compatible with openFramework's (OF) ofxXmlSettings addon. to take it a step further, this tutorial integrates the color palettes with memo's excellent ofxMSAFluid addon.

this tutorial was built on a mac using adobe illustrator cs4, xcode and the fat version of OF v006 with the following addons (ofxTuio, ofxMSAFluid, ofxMSAInteractiveObject, ofxXmlSettings and ofxSimpleGuiToo).

1. ofxMSAFluid
for the kuler > AI > OF integration, as i mentioned previously, i'm using memo's sweet ofxMSAFluid. the first thing you'll want to do is follow memo's instructions on downloading the OF addons for ofxMSAFluid here: once you can build and run that project proceed to the next step.

2. kuler + ai magic
download and unzip the OF and the AI script from here:

3. after completing steps 1 + 2, watch this video... the script + OF code will make more sense at that point. :)

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