This is the story about Brendan Klem, a warm hearted portrait photographer based out of Canada, and his journey in his craft after losing his father to leukemia in 2011.

Through his family's great loss, Brendan has grown in his photography to capture the true life moments that people experience in their own talents, professions, and relationships.

In October 2012, Brendan began working with families coping with cancer by photographing their portraits. In doing so he has captured meaningful moments which focus less on grief and suffering and emphasize the shared love and support of their family.

By donating to this video, you will be contributing to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, and their search to treat and cure this illness, in Brendan's father's name.

"Family comes first.
Always will.
I have come to realize how I can personally shine light on cancer. I would love to give back to any family currently affected by cancer by photographing them. I want to honour the love in your family that is stronger than ever as you all battle. As you all cry. As you all love. Love that can never be broken. Creating images that can honour that love."
- Brendan Klem

For more information on how you can support leukemia research go to:

For more information on Brendan's photography and collaboration with these families go to:

Very special thank you to:
Linda Klem
Aaron Moreno Sahagun and his family
Deluxe Design Group
Dave Brunning
and Lori Ray with Alberta Health Services

Dedicated to Reg Klem, Aaron Moreno Sahagun, and everyone who has ever been affected by cancer

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