This is a book trailer video done for author Marisa Montes and her great book "A Circle of Time."

A hit-and-run driver leaves fourteen-year-old Allison Blair to die on a winding mountain road, but a girl in a calico dress flags down a passing motorist and leads her to Allison's crumpled body.

As Allison lies comatose in the hospital, she hears the girl's voice in her head: “I helped you . . . now, you help me . . .”. Becky Lee Thompson pleads for help and pulls Allison back in time to 1906—and into Becky's fourteen-year-old body. But why? Is it to prevent Becky's tragic death or the death of Joshua, the boy who loves her?

As Becky's spirit keeps Allison alive in the present, Allison struggles to make sense of the layers of mystery, blackmail, and mistaken identity that surround the deaths. The only thing she knows for sure is that she must remain in the past—through Becky's will and Allison's own growing feelings for Joshua—so that history will be altered.

But in the present, Allison's body is undergoing brain surgery, and Becky does not know if she has the strength to keep Allison alive. Can Allison save Becky and Joshua and return to her own body before time runs out?

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