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Biotechnology Research Programs For 2012-2016

Biomedical Sciences Research Program
1. Vaccines: Production & Development
Development of Respiratory viral Particulate subunit vaccine
2. Cancer: Diagnosis & Treatment
3. Biomarkers: Molecular Basis of Chronic Diseases

CEBR - Center of Excellence in Biotechnology Research provides advance innovate research, training, education and university-industry interaction in the all the major fields of Biotechnology. The Center is at King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and funded by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Establish in 2008, the center is designed to be a center of excellence in biotechnology with intimate contributions from the centers of the regions and academic institutions from the rest of the world. It provides a meeting place where innovation, enterprise, and industrial development will germinate.

The purpose of the Center is to provide a platform for biotechnology education, training and research at the interface of multiple disciplines. The programmed of the Centre are designed to create opportunities for research community and students to engage in multi-disciplinary research where they learn biotech science while integrating pharmaceuticals, medicine and science, to provide solutions for human and animal health, food, agriculture and environment technologies.

The CEBR also has a strong training component, supporting many outstanding graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Finally, the Program funds a variety of outreach efforts to facilitate the transformation of the Program's research findings to the research group and communities most concerned with hazardous substances, with the ultimate goal of improving public health.

To be an up-to-date, excellent quality, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary biotechnology center that supports research, education, and technology transfer and applications for the benefit of human health and agriculture.

Conquering new altitudes in biotechnology research, shaping biotechnology into a premier precision, to capture the imagination of youth, to inspire the next generation to acquire biotechnology, and transform society's expectations so that all citizens may appreciate the importance of biotechnology to society.

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