This is part two of this series featuring a mix of park oriented lines. Umi enjoys his local parks around the Tokyo area and James hits up transition from Maine and New Hampshire.

The music artist in the video is based out of Tokyo, Japan and goes by the name of "Mabanua". Song name is "Talkin' to You" which includes his very own vocals. His music features an array of funk/jazz hip hop and soul jams and many of his songs feature vocals from various international artist. He is also part of Ovall (mainly), Laidbook and Green Butter. His music really opens up the doors and sets a standard for being self produced. What also sets him apart is that he has a strong usage of live funk oriented instrumentation including live drums, bass, keyboard and vocals.

James Meliota: Portland, Maine, USA

Umi Asano: Tokyo, Japan

Filming contributions:

Umi: Souta, Massan, Yashi, Marco, Atshushi

James Meliota: Punlieu Tang, Illes Estes, Josiah Webber, Jordan Murphy, Wilson Cramp, Mike Masic, Justin Dickinson, Kyle Connolly, Timothy Packard, Michael Bonney, Patrick Daigle, Josh Mccrillis, Rocco DiDonato,

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