Here Bob and Matt visit Russo & Steele in Scottsdale, AZ. We saw many fine cars - many, many fine cars. Here was a 67 Corvette that we noticed, partly because it was a beautiful blue, but also because it had pretty radical work done to it.

These auctions tend to be chalk full of numbers matching this, and rare that, but we've never been interested in plain cars, because stock cars are boring. Bob has a numbers matching 70 big block Corvette, the heads and block match the number on the body, and it looks pretty stock, but it is a beast otherwise (he's been babbling about putting his blower on it for a while, and I'm sure it would stop your heart when we tap the gas pedal, but those sleek Stingray lines would be broken up). He also has a 91 ZR1 that he loves so much that he has driven it 250,000 miles, I asked him what he wants to do because minor work needs to be done on it, -Matt "shouldn't we try to replace the parts with originals?", -Bob, "It has had 250,000 miles on it, what is going to be original about it, I want performance".

Here is an example of just that. Some cars have had many miles on them, or came without the factory specs that would make your car special at an auction, so why bother keeping it stock. If you have a classic shell that needs a full restoration, or a factory base model, then drop a modern crate super engine and modern suspension in it, and have a great time. Bob feels that they could have done better on the brakes though, the LS swap is awesome, but a bad rumor was created when the 7-inch Chevette booster started to be made for conversion on hot rods. They are meant for tiny cars, with non performance engines, and were never meant for supercharged, lopey cammed, Chevelles. So it would have been much better off with a Hydro-Boost.

Otherwise a beautiful car, something that we certainly wouldn't mind driving up and down PCH on the weekends. This is probably just what we would have if we had Warren Buffett's money and a thousand lifetimes to build everything in our heads. Visit Russo and Steele at, they will be in downtown Monterey during Race Week.

-Matt Sweeting

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We have worked on everything from propane powered trams to roller coasters, cranes, parade floats, multi engine street rods, classic european cars, double decker buses, and a Freightliner racing truck. Our favorite is working on big engine muscle cars that make too little vacuum and need more stopping power.

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