A day without images (site 1: Djerassi CA, US, July 2012)
Direction, videography, dance, installation: Isak Immanuel (US)
Sound, music: "Pictures at an Exhibition" - Modest Mussorgsky/Kazuhito Yamashita, "Broken" - Tracy Chapman/anonymous youtube cover.

"Angels do not enter a house where there are pictures" (Sahih al-Bukhari 7 : 72 : 841).

As an interdisciplinary dance work apart of the series Tableau Stations, the work is composed of static and fleeting existences that question the context for a body and its living trace. Images and their coinciding absences live in a body restless, quiet, and with effect on orientation. With accumulation and distillation, movement negotiates place and the company of images as a daily landscape.


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