Under the leadership of François Lacour-Gayet MD, Open Hearts Haiti Foundation sends to Haiti the best surgery teams to save cardiac children; they offer their time, skills and bring all medical supplies for free. At the same time as it provides heart surgery, Open Hearts Haiti is training Haitian doctors to treat cardiovascular disease, laying the groundwork for a longtime dream: Haiti’s first Heart Center.
Open Hearts Haiti initiates international join ventures among nonprofit organizations: 80 children were operated since 2011 in partnership with Gift of Life USA, La Chaîne de l’Espoir, and ChennlEspwa Haiti
These children are saved, they will have a normal life, free of suffering, they can play, run again!

Sean Penn, Ambassador at Large of Haiti attended this open-heart surgery mission in April 2012. Electricity broke down during the surgery, showing how difficult conditions can be. Next mission is scheduled for March 2013.
Open Hearts Haiti is a 501c3 American foundation based in NYC to reach the American community and the Haitian diaspora 2012
©Open Hearts Haiti Foundation 2012. Images by K Keble. Editing by P O’Leary.
info@openheartshaiti.org openheartshaiti.org

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