Mario Godiva has created a new, safer, and innovative rebound shoe called PLYO AIR GLIDES™. Air Gliding™ is low-impact, euphoric, and "air focused" whole body movement. While most of the world's perspective is what happens on the ground, our perspective is what happens in the air, between the steps on the ground. Get on the waiting list for the world's first rebound shoe with anti-fall technology, a removable rebound system, and motion sensor technology. >>

Buy your own Plyo Dance™ DVD's by Air Gliding™ Guru Mario Godiva by going to >>

Created by World-Renowned Fitness Expert & CEO of PLYO AIR GLIDES™ Mario Godiva, Plyo Dance™ is an unparalleled heart pounding, leg burning, and core singeing fusion of plyometrics, core, conditioning, and dance that will incinerate fat, increase endurance, and amplify power while being low impact, knee-friendly, and shock absorbent. For more info go to >>

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