This short video about oral anticoagulation therapy has been made for patients who take warfarin.
There are many misconceptions around the dos and don’ts when taking warfarin especially in relation to diet and alcohol. We have produced this video to help to improve patients' safety by providing clear and reliable information about how to take this medicine.
© 2009 University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

The contents of this DVD were believed to be an accurate reflection of the medical literature at the time of preparation. However, users should always consult the literature and take account of new developments because these may change.
The contents relate solely to the clinical scenarios described and reflect agreed practice at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust. Should you have any doubts about whether this is relevant to a specific patient, or be unsure whether you understand it, it is recommended that professional assistance be requested. It is not intended that the advice or information in this DVD should override your locally agreed policies and procedures.
Members of the public, or professionals from outside the UK, may need assistance to interpret this DVD and to translate it to their own situation. It is strongly recommended that in such cases relevant professional help is sought.

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