I want a Blacet Binary Zone, but the module isn't available in Euro format. So, I've tried to recreate it using what I already have.

In this patch:

The Low Pass Filter in a Frostwave Resonator is set to self-oscillate. It's then sent to a ring modulator (a Frostwave Blue Ringer).

The Mix Out on a Doepfer A-143-1 is sent to the Frequency CV IN on a Plan B ELF LFO.

The Square Out from the LFO is sent to a multiple, and from there to:

1. the Trigger In on a Doepfer A-160 Clock Divider.
2. the Gate In on a Doepfer A-140 Envelope Generator.

The /2, /4, /8 and /16 outputs on the 160 are sent to Inputs 1, 2, 3 and 4 on a Doepfer A-138c Polarizing Mixer.

The out the mixer is sent to the top half of a Doepfer A-170 Dual Slew Limiter, and from there to the CV In on the Blue Ringer.

The /32 out on the 160 is sent to the CV In on the top have of the Doepfer A-150 Dual Voltage Switch. The 160's /64 output is sent to the first I/O jack (the second I/O is left empty). The output of this channel is sent to an attenuator, and from there to the Low Pass Frequency CV In on the Resonator.

The output from the ring modulator is sent to the top VCA in a Doepfer A-132-3 Dual Lin/Log VCA (the Lin/Log switch is switched for a moment at 2:00), and from there to an FMR RNC (which is not doing anything to the quiet notes) and then to the computer. No other outboard, besides the compressor.

The output of the 140 is sent to CV IN on that VCA, which you can hear at 0:44.


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