Where does it end? So much to learn and so little time. The bigger question is where does life come from? We will get to that in a minute. For now let’s talk about your fan base. You don’t have one? I don’t believe it. Why? You may not know who it is but they are out there. I’ve been doing video, film, and motion graphics for since 2005 and it’s only now (2013) that I found my fan base. We will talk about who it is in a second.

RIght now let’s talk about Cinema 4d. This is my seventh of 52 weekly posts where I learn something new each week and then show and tell it. I won’t lie, I like After Effects more than Cinema 4d. But like air and water to live, as a motion graphics artist you can really benefit from using both. The first six installments were strictly in After Effects, but this week I want to give mad shouts out to Greyscalegorilla.com As Videocopilot.net was to my After Effect coming of age, Greyscalegorilla has been to my Cinema4d coming of age. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m still in my infancy here, but growing each day. And after all, that’s what Project 52 is all about anyway.

Where was I? Oh yeah, your fan base. Your a rockstar you just don’t know it yet because you haven’t found your fan base. On of my very first YouTube video’s somehow went viral and garnered over 70,000 hits in just under a year. (don’t watch it! it SUCKS!) Another video had 6,000 hits in a few hours. My secret for success? No clue. I didn’t spend anytime at all on those video’s and they both sucked major ass. My point? Quality is out the door on finding your fan base, it really doesn’t matter. Then what does matter? Heart. Passion. Soul. That’s what draws you to living and living to you. I found my biggest fan one day at breakfast. I was sitting there eating Cheerios with my daughter. I asked her to tell me a story and I would make it into a movie. She told me a story and I drew a story board. I came home from work and showed her her movie. She flipped out. Quote “My favorite Movie!” That’s saying a lot if you knew how much she loves all things Scooby Doo. So now every time I make a new motion graphics piece I show her and she loves it. “Daddy, let’s watch more of your movies.” There is a good chance my fame will not drift past the four walls of my house. But Dammit, I am sure happy that my biggest fan is also her biggest fan.

The moral of the ill-written story is stop comparing yourself to anyone. Do what you love to do. Do it as well as you can without hidden motives and ambitions. Do it because you WANT to do it. Do it because it NEEDS to be done. And at the end of the day ask yourself if you had fun?

They say to be successful you must find a need and fill it. I say to be successful you need to redefine what success is. When you do I think you will find out it’s a lot easier to be successful than you thought.

Peace and love,


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