Douro Internacional, North of Portugal

After all, the world really came to an end, in the 21 of December. Nobody noticed, but it really ended. And a new start has begun. You´ll see.

Maybe it is time to slow down and think about what direction to follow. That´s what i did with family and friends this week-end in Terras de Moncorvo, superiorly guided by my good friend Beto Areosa, who once had the wisdom of choosing this place to go through his life. Lucky man.

So, flow around with me in the international section of our River Douro, enjoying that smooth peace of its course, blown by my daughter Francisca, in her own words spoken by her voice. I tried, yet i was not able to translate her sweet and mature emotions in english, but you can follow the sense of it in the lyrics of the songs: a Jigsaw (Return to Me) and Boy & Bear (Falling at your Feet). We called it Histories of Lost Loves, meaning histories of lived lives.
Nice duet of the Nomad & Daughter.

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