Vol.at.ilit.y is a staged media dance installation that explores water as connective element, transforming itself molecularly from liquid to ice and vapor. Using water in its three different states, both as stage elements, source for musical composition and as a metaphor regarding the human mental bonds towards each other, this piece fuses science, technology, nature and art into kinetic poetry.

Dancing: Kimmo Alakunns, Rea-Liina Brunou and Linda Sointu

Choreography/Direction: Tomi Paasonen
Concept: Tiago Da Cruz and Tomi Paasonen
Sound Design: Kirill Lorech
Stage and Lighting Design: Samu Viitanen
Costumes: Merja Markkula
Live Microscope Projections: Merja Markkula & Jorma Paranko
Production: Marja Mäenpää and Capsula
Capsula: Ulla Taipale
roject manager Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea: Ulla Taipale

Vol.at.ilit.y is a coproduction by PAA, Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea by Capsula and Barker Teatteri Turku. The piece premiered as part of Turku2011 EU Cultural Capital Programme at Barker Teatteri - Turku, Finland.

We kindly thank our generous donors and sponsors: Swedish Cultural Fund, Finnish Cultural Fund, Arts Council of Finland, Kone Foundation, Capsula, Genelec Oy, University of Turku, Länsi-Rannikon Kala Oy, Turun Markiisi ja Peite Oy, Carl Zeiss Oy.

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