This is a collection of test animations that I did, at Half resolution quality, for a local independent movie I did animation and illustration work on. The independent movie was a non-paying movie job for all those involved. It was made purely for the love of making movies and getting creativity out into the world.

It is to my understanding that the editor took these test animations and used them to make the intro sequence and end credits more interesting. These are just half res renders slapped together by me. The final product, (you know, after the editor takes it and makes it much much better) I currently do not have access too. I will add the final version, i.e. the version that the editor created with all the fancy full res renders, once I get my paws on it.

If you are curious to see it, it is called 'LOTU: Legend of the Unknown.'

LOTU is property of CmS Shorts Productions

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