Get your FREE Consultation today! Practical techniques for you to feel calm, confident and charismatic during your presentations.

Developed by Puela Lunaris, The 6 Pillars of Successful Presentations™ combine a wealth of hands-on techniques from the Performing Arts, Yoga and Neuro-Linguistic Programing, providing dynamic, inspiring, hands-on team trainings and one-on-one coaching for you to enjoy presence of mind during public speaking in any environment, be it the stage, the camera, the internet or the conference room.

What are The 6 Pillars of Successful Presentations?
The Power of Purpose: To achieve tangible results.
The Power of Your Eyes: To engage your viewers.
The Power of Your Breath: To stay calm and confident.
The Power of Your Body Language: To inspire your audience.
The Power of Your Voice: To effectively convey your message.
The Power of Contrast: To sustain the interest of your listeners.

In this video, you hear from Mark Schwimmer, the President of the New York Awareness Center, about his experience of success and ease with Puela's coaching on crafting a sales presentation.

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