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I took the pictures for this time lapse on a cemetery in Nottingham, UK. This beautiful angel sculpture is over 100 years old and I thought it looked amazing and so peaceful against the evening sky and fast moving clouds.

I wish I could have stayed and recorded for a bit longer, till the sunset, but in winter the cemetery closes quite early so I didn't want to get locked there for the night. But next time I might just stay till the sun goes down completely and jump the fence later ;)

Photos taken with good old Nikon D200 and 16-85mm lens. Intervals every 3 seconds, f8, using an ND8 filter. I later processed the images slightly in Lightroom and combined them together into a movie in Time-Lapse App for Mac OSX. This is actually a very cheap and great little program that allows you to select the cropping area and create different panning and zooming effects. This way, from just one static recording you can very easily add motion to your time lapse videos and get several short clips. Join them together, add some music and transitions between the clips and you just made a short movie!

It does take a few good hours of sitting by the camera in the cold and later many more hours editing everything on your computer but if you are dedicated and patient then you will definitely create something interesting to watch.

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