Patrick: It sounds like you've done that a number of times in your life. You did that when you were running these big development projects but then, in creating the six different companies plus the international company that you're now CEO of, you're doing that over and over again, is what I hear.
Odell: It is. One of the methodologies that I use is rubber stamp. The way I put together a hierarchy is rubber stamped. The pieces that are in them will vary according to the culture that needs to be established, the people who are playing on the team, who is the target customer that we're going after -- but how we set that up is rubber stamped.
First, we identify where we're going. Second, we identify who we have and who we need. Third, we put together the plan of getting there and then we do it. We just keep repeating the cycle.
Patrick: That's great. We're coming up here on a break and I want to say that you're going to enjoy the show. Odell has some real keys and tools that can help you get farther down the road in your own business and even some breakthrough. We'll be right back. This is Business Spotlight

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