Diving Coron Day 1 - Long Cut (GoPro Hero 3)

Shot in Coron (Philippines) December 2012. This is a long cut (and I mean 7 minutes long) of our first diving day in Coron with some topside shots from Kayangan Lake and Banol Beach. Visibility was not ideal (week right after Pablo Typhoon) but I remember being overwhelmed on our first day of diving. I haven't done a lot of wreck dives before so it was surreal. This was also a checkout dive for my GoPro Hero 3 which I got right before the trip, so the setup is experimental. I definitely need a longer arm for that single light (at least until I decide to get a second light). Also no filters available for Hero 3 at the time so all color corrections were done in post. On a side note, I'm now at 100+ logged dives yay! And I might be selling my G11 Ikelite rig soon.

Coron Topside Spots: Kayangan Lake (00:02 - 01:19) and Banol Beach (01:20)
Coron Dive Spots: Twin Peaks (01:28 - 01:50), Akitsushima, Okikawa, Gunboat (01:52 - 06:12), and some shots in the boat after the third dive. We stalled at 06:49 and had to refill gas. :)

Dive Operator: Sea Dive with DM Jaime (Wrecks) and Michael (Twin Peaks). Visibility can be really bad in some parts of the wreck with multiple dive groups (as in 03:56 which was really bad, I have a minute of unpublished footage of sediment and nothing else hahaha). Akitsushima is deep (max 35m) so I remember thinking there's a real chance someone can get lost (and exceed NDL or worse run out of air) in those conditions. So special thanks to the DM's!

Shot using a GoPro Hero 3 Black in a tray and single arm with Ikelite Pro-V8 Video Light (no filters)
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Music: Take Me Over by Cut Copy (Mylo Remix)

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