Download & enjoy this free short video: “Regenerative Visions – Part 3” - the first one to be subtitled into English!
You can support us by sharing our videos and also by making a donation: We are hugely grateful for all contributions which will allows us to continue filming, editing and sharing the contents of the courses that are being offered in Spain by the best trainers in the world today in Regenerative Agriculture – a bridge into the future given the challenges our generation faces regarding the climate, the food system, the economy and our societies. Follow (Spanish) or (English) for more info.
Coordinator: Ana Digón
Director: Mar Bastidas
Director of photography: Julián Picco
Cameras: Mar Bastidas and Simón Moyá
Live sound: Ana Pau and Marta García
Editing: Mar Bastidas, Danny Law and Simón Moyá
Sound post-production: Ana Pau
Still photography: Julián Picco
Graphic Design and Web Design: Danny Law
Coordinators of Goteo campaign: Ana Digón and Mar Bastidas
Translation (English-Spanish): Ana Digón
P.R. and communication: Ana Digón and the whole team
At this historical moment when it is imperative to transition into creating and consolidating the foundations for a truly sustainable future, RegenAG Ibérica is bringing to the Iberian Peninsula some of today's top international trainers in regenerative agricultural techniques, to offer series of courses in order to train local stakeholders so that they can better design action plans and apply effective, low-cost tools that have a highly positive impact on the lands and its peoples.
Resiliencia Agrovisual filming team is filming, editing and sharing RegenAG Iberica's courses in the form of audiovisual online capsules (“Regenerative Visions”) that are nutritious, share-able and downloadable, in order to reach anyone who is interested and thus participate in the transition of soils and communities.
The next courses that are planned in various locations of Iberia and that will be filmed by the crew of Resiliencia Agrovisual are:
• April and August 2013: “Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture” and “Keyline” with Darren Doherty (Australia)
• April-May 2013: “Introduction to Holistic Management" and "Advanced Holistic Management: Grazing Plans and Financial Planning” with Kirk Gadzia
• April 2013: “Polyface Farms” in Málaga with Joel Salatin
• Spring 2013: "Biofertility" with Jairo Restrepo and Nacho Simón
• Autumn 2013: "Biofertility" with Jairo Restrepo
We are now working on the 2014 course programme, with our first advanced trainings to take place in January 2014.
For updated info on the courses, follow our web or Facebook:

The keys to Regenerative Agriculture are:
- A profound understanding of the soil's biology and of plant physiology, working to maximize them, which means, to begin with, to stop ploughing and turning the soil (which is something that breaks away completely from today's agricultural paradigms, both conventional and organic)
- Bringing animal services back into agriculture and closing nutrient cycles through appropriate and intensive cattle management, imitating the patterns of wild herds to increase the fertility of the soil and therefore of all productive systems
- Reducing costs and efforts in production, freeing farmers from dependancy on agri-business and subventions, as farms become economically prosperous and resilient
- Increasing the quality of life of food producers, recovering food sovereignty and local food links, improving the health and awareness of consumers in general


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