A video based on the Edward Hopper painting, Nighthawks.

The purpose of this project was to examine precedents of windows. Through studying a fictional window I was given an insight into how a simple architectural element could add layers of meaning. Hopper's fish bowl like expanse of glass and blinding internal lighting portrays existential alienation in the city at the same time as exploring the theme of voyeurism. His paintings are often liken to film stills and as such the transition from still to moving image is an intriguing one.

This was my first experiment to produce a model which could be filmed. As such it was necessary to model not just the scene as portrayed within the Hopper painting but also to consider the surrounding cityscape.

From research into the origins of Nighthawks I discovered that Hopper had been inspired by Howard Hawks, Scarface. I have attempted to recognise this inspiration through the use of high key lighting and the suggestion of unseen characters through shadows.

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