Here is a project we had initiated a good while back. A small production that stumbled upon a large hiatus and unfortunately never ended up making it to the final cut. Considering this was a spontaneous shoot designed simply to warm up the actors for an unrelated upcoming feature, it seemed wrong, almost sinful in fact, not to at least post this short online. I find the quality of the performances in this short to be impressive, especially considering we had only two days to learn the script and no rehearsal time.

I will never forget the amazing chemistry between myself and supporting actor Gabriel Di Fabio, a great talent; an escalated chemistry that far exceeded our initial expectations, individual character work and even the story arc. Once we had reached that arc, even with take after take and set up after set up, there was no going back. Furthermore, Doug Millar's abilty to convey such an intense on-screen presence without speaking should also be applauded.

Kudos and thank you to the cast and now anonymous crew for a memorable journey and an unforgettable experience. I present to you: "The John Killer", an unfinished short...or if you will, an alternate demo.

Thank you.

We are open to comments and critique.


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