I wanted to recreate the effect that you get to see in Assassin's Creed 3 while in the loading screen.
While the game is loading, you can run around with the character in an empty space. While doing so, the ground comes together when you approach it and crumbles apart when you walk away from it.

The way I set it up is by scattering a bunch of points on a grid and triangulate them to get the tris. Then I add a mountain to get some height variation and a facet to separate them. The color attribute from a sphere gets transferred onto the grid and is used in a Point SOP, with a rand () expression in the position parameters, to determine which tris come together and are flattened out by transferring the color attribute. The points get deleted by also using the color value. Then to finish off, I put in a Fuse SOP to join them back together.

The effect isn't finished yet. The polygons should eventually have to disappear when detaching.

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