Created by architectural designers Alexis Dornier and Ilija Bentscheff, the "Bottle-Light" is a hand-crafted piece comprised of 197 4.5 L bottles, each of which can adapt any color or mood and can be conducted like a visual orchestra of lights.

The piece was the grande finale of the month-long Absoult Art-Stream curated by MADE, and lit up the Berlin skyline in such a wonderful way.

We would like to thank:
Lechmann Engineering GmbH, Kay Kaden, Uwe Weinack, Mariano Fernandez, Thorsten Nass, Tomek,
Matthias Balz, Marco Thews, Daniel Margraf, Spreefunkeln, Füllner & Partner GmbH and LEDXON.

Special thanks to:
Amanda Chan
AF-FIX: Jörg Reinich, Andreas Levers, Frank Zimmermann & team
dirk & philip kommunikation

Enjoy the film...

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