copyright: Timea Tihanyi 2008

Documentation of interactive installation at Gallery 4Culture, Seattle.
Installation is made with handmade paper, sewn and cut felt, motion sensor activated video projection, and sound.
All artwork is by Timea Tihanyi (see more still images and description at

Sheets of handmade abaca paper create a sprawling landscape on the walls. This stationary landscape is completed by a projected landscape of snowy woods in the far end of the space. When the viewer is staying either inside or outside of the space, she is surrounded by this quiet and serene environment. The viewer briefly breaks the equilibrium of the space by entering. For 3 seconds, the landscape shifts, rocks, wobbles, then repositions itself. Footages for the movement were recorded while mountainbiking in the backwoods of upstate New York (in collaboration with Rebecca Barfoot, 2007), running the Seattle Half-Marathon, November, 2007, and various runs around Seattle.
Inspired by my encounters with the physical landscape and the history of land use and development while at a residency at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York.
During my daily outings, I frequently came across signs forbidding trespassing in otherwise remote areas of nature. The notion of space, border, public and private, inside and outside, territory and ownership become very interesting to me, resulting in the installation The Unexpected Momentum of Small Things in a Space Occupied by Other Small (and Relatively Large) Objects at the Gallery 4Culture, Seattle in February of 2008.

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