Archipelago country. Thousands of islands. Millions of underwater beauties.
North to south, west to east, Indonesia is full of fabulous diving destinations. It's richness in biodiversity made it definitely a PARADISE FOR ALL DIVERS.
They say, 'Dive Before You Die.'
We say, 'Dive Indonesia Before You Die!'
It's a must!
Behind the scene.
This is a compilation of underwater footages from Alor's crystal clear visibility, Donggala's schools of fish, Nabire's astonishing whale shark, and Raja Ampat's richness of biodiversity.
What you have seen was only a sneak peek to Indonesia's best dive sites. There are much, much more to be seen when you go experience it yourself.
Unfortunately a lot of people hasn't realized how important is the ocean to their lives, they trash the ocean without knowing that even the smallest thing they dumped to the ocean can affect the whole ecosystem. Trash or marine debris, especially plastic bags, has been one of the biggest threat to the ocean, yet the efforts to overcome this has not been widely done.
This has been one of our concern, that's why we're making this video - show you the underwater beauty and also the threat it's facing.
We hope we could gain attention and build awareness so that many people, especially divers, is aware to this issue.
We've presented this video couple times in every talk show we're attending, and by viewing this video we hope you could be the ocean's agent of change.
Enjoy the underwater beauty and keep protecting it. Because if it's not us, who will?


Shots were taken using the Canon EOS 5DMKII with 17-40 lens and Ikelite underwater housing.

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