Rare isotopes rock. A return to the scene of my first encounter with accelerator physics -- the NSCL (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory) has won a bid to upgrade their nucleus-accelerator to the FRIB (Facility for Rare Isotope Beams).

The video, lyrics and music are Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA). More info here: katemcalpine.com/fribrap/f...

It's more than just me and a rag-tag crew of dancers running around with a handycam, but still heavily student-driven with Adam Rademacher on the video editing, also responsible for much of the filming next to Josh Farris. Both were guided by Prof Amol Pavangadkar.

Also, the animations and images weren't lifted from wherever I could find them -- John Allison and Matt Bambach. Their prof, Karl Gude, is pretty much responsible for getting the whole Comm Arts posse on board. You can check out more of Matt's work on Vimeo: vimeo.com/user1482540

Karl's a mad cartoonist (maker of the poster and moving parts for targeted radiotherapy) and more: youtube.com/user/kgude

Will Barras is still DJ to my MC, with a funky cruising sound this time: ling.ed.ac.uk/~s9527813/

I am deeply grateful to everyone who came out to dance: Brad Sherrill, one of the NSCL/FRIB head honchos; Bill Lynch, the prof who taught me most of what I know about thermodynamics; grad students Alisher Sanetullaev and Jenna Deavan; undergrads Zach Meisel and Emily Alexander; recent grad and former Science Theater cohort Ryan Norris; and my dear sister and MSU student, Kristen McAlpine.

Matt Hodek and Brent Barker -- grad students and fellow alums from the '06 summer student program at the NSCL -- deserve special mention, having stayed all day both days of filming. Brent also came in for green screening and rapped some backup.

Our inspiration for nuclear decay with balloons is Sydenham High School's "Let's Get Physical", with the Geiger-Müller Groove: planet-scicast.com/view_cl...

Finally, thanks to Geoff Koch, who called me in for this project and handled much of the coordination, and Zach Constan, whose magnetic marble nuclei help visitors of all ages understand what nuclear physics is all about.

Oh, yeah, and my site is here: katemcalpine.com

Alpinekat, over and out. [crghh]

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