New Marketing Technologies: Public Relations and Video Marketing Collide to Produce Powerful Search Engine Results

The Bamboo Agency is a full-service multiple award-winning advertising, marketing and broadcast communications firm. We have obtained for clients tens of millions of dollars in free media exposure nationally and internationally, in print, radio and television, in the world’s top media. Our skills and success in Public Relations, combined with our company’s foundational philosophy of Leverage Marketing, provides clients with a host of remarkably powerful marketing synergies.

Leverage Marketing involves the creation and production of myriad materials that can be utilized in multiple ways across a host of media-channels, such as a press release for example. The essence of that material is then modified in various ways for the appropriate media and communications format for which the material will be repurposed. The primary DNA of marketing today revolves around what you are doing for your company’s website. Search Engine Optimization enhances your company’s website visibility and that’s what ultimately drives your organic search results. And front page listings is where internet marketing sales gold is found. One of the ways to get better SEO, which results in better site visibility that leads to improved organic site rankings, is to post relevant, fresh, timely content to your website.

Public Relations achievements combined with Leverage Marketing tactics exponentially fuels the sales and marketing process. A Bamboo Agency Leveraged Marketing Campaign helps you achieve an incredible array of goals for your company that can lead to improved site visibility, higher site rankings, increased brand exposure, more sales and improved bottom line.

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