A landing that could've gone pretty bad, you do not make a 90 degree bank about 20 meters above the ground.
I'm still not quite sure exactly what happened, I've never before managed to do a 90 degree bank only by shifting weight, and certainly not at such low speeds (not in the clip, but later on a pilot comes running over, presumably to check that I was still alive. He claims I didn't fly fast enough, I disagree, of course).
I'm still not sure exactly what happened, the air was really turbulent down in the valley, and I was still fairly inexperienced with the Litespeed (still am, due to a pretty awful Norwegian summer this year and few opportunities to fly in good conditions). I still suspect I flew too close to the trees and that they created some mechanical turbulence (thus creating extra lift on my right side, "aiding" me in my left turn). I still don't buy that weight shift was the sole cause of that bank.
Although, I'm happy how my brain responded, it didn't freeze up, I knew what I had to do correct the situation, but with the adrenalin pumping like crazy I overcompensated and didn't manage to level the wing properly before I had to flare out. The wing took the full impact, but the low ground speed and the soft ground caused only the two downtubes and one of the intersections connecting to the bottom bar to break apart. For my own part only my ego was severely wounded, but that healed quickly.

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