This tutorial shows how to link a motion capture armature to the stick man model so that the stick man performs the motion captured action.

Key Points

When you import a motion capture file (bvh format) the data contains the armature structure (a hierarchy of bones) and the position of the bones (poses) for a set of frames.

For the best result the skin (stick man model) should be in the same pose as the motion capture armature when in edit mode (the default pose).

In this tutorial, the existing hand made armature is used to deform the stick man skin into the default pose of the motion capture armature.

With the poses the same or similar, the bones are then moved and sized to match exactly.

The armature is then made the parent of the skin, the parent settings being - Armature Deform, With Automatic Weights.

The start and end files and the motion capture file can be downloaded from my website -

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