Air date, January 7th, 2013.

Rival Schools, along with writer Marilyn Thomas, are giving new life to First Nations folklore by recording and animating stories for the touchscreen and tablet generation, Duncan McCue reports on CBC The National. This feature showcases Chief Ian Campbell as he provides the voiceover recording for the Squamish tale of Kakalilh, included in the Bramble Berry Tales series of Apps.

Bramble Berry Tales is an interactive series of 3 mobile applications that fuse Canadian content and the magic that is immersive storytelling. Join Thomas and Lily in their adventures as they encounter lumbering Sasquatches, the mischievous Little People, and the fearsome cannibal woman, Kalkalilh. Each experience is influenced by a spoken story passed for generations through Canada’s Indigenous population.

The series will be released in March 2013 for iOS, Android, and Nook.

Copyright CBC and Rival Schools.

Bramble Berry Tales

Rival Schools

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