Using SocialBro to clean up your Twitter community

Following a large amount of people is not always useful i.e. inactive users, spammers or users unrelated to your industry. SocialBro can help you clean up your Twitter community in the following ways:

1) Select the “friends” button in the “Global stats” chart on the dashboard.

2) The filters on the left can then be used to determine which friends might be worth unfollowing.

Filtering users according to whether the have the default or a custom avatar can be useful in detecting inactive Twitter users.

You can then use the “followers” filter to determine which of your friends have low amounts of followers and could therefore be inactive or be worth unfollowing due to having a low outreach.

Lastly, the time since last tweet filter can be used to see you followers who have not tweeted in the last month, 5 months ect.

Other filter options available can also be of use e.g. number of friends as could indicate a fake Twitter account e.g. for a celebrity.

Once you have applied the filters you wish to use you can then select unfollow on individual users or select multiple users by dragging a box over them and clicking unfollow at the bottom of the page.

When unfollowing a large amount of users you can go to settings (at the top of the page) and go to general, page size and select the number of users you wish to view at once. This then means you can select up to 100 users to delete at a time.

If you are unsure whether to delete a user or not you can click on their username to see their bio and make a decision based on that.

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