This is the short video that I've done in a big rush for ONE DAY ON EARTH 12.12.12. PROJECT.

I am showing 3 short slices of life from Bahrain on 12.12.12.

1. Timelapse of sunset over Tree of Life (Fortunately it was a day with the clouds, so it came out really nice)

2. Hameed's birthday on 12.12.12 - The special birthday in his life, the great moment that he has shared with his family and me. What's interesting here (besides Hameed) is that the viewers can hear Arabic interpretation of "Happy birthday to You" song.

3. Khubz bakery - sneak peak on traditional Arabic flatbread making process. I love Khubz, its so delicious when its hot and crispy, so I got an idea to take a few shots of local bakery in Um Al Hassam. I know the guys there, so they allowed me to do a quick filming inside (also, they just loved the fact that I am filming them) :)

I found a great source of free MUSIC to use in this project: Peter John Ross of
Thanks Peter!

Shot with Canon 60d, edited in Premiere, grading Resolve Davinci.

Cheers, and thanks for watching...

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