I know how crazy this sounds. Leave YouTube? They're the second-largest search engine on the web! We upload 60,000 billion videos every millisecond (or something equally nutty and hard to measure). So how could you ever think about leaving?

Well, maybe "leaving" is a bit extreme, but a major re-thinking is now in order. If you haven't heard this news, please watch now, because I doubt anyone else will tell you...or they'll pooh-pooh it (Oh, that only happens to scammers!). But when your business is at stake, don't let anyone pooh-pooh it for you.

You may find what I'm about to tell you a little hard to believe, and yet it's all true. And I can hardly believe it myself. But we have to accept the reality of what Google and YouTube have done if we are to succeed.

So also in this video is the way to certain success.

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