Explore this series of interview conversations sharing new perspectives about practical and philosophical ideas to create value and productivity. We highlight Systems-Thinking opportunities and key information and a model for sustained prosperity for all our relationships in life. Mr. Hamid 'Hank' Noorani, the author of "POWER-The Modern Doctrine" and "Rational Decision-Making" is interviewed in this segment by Mr. Jason Stulgate, Executive Consultant at Powerful Methods Inc.

Mr. Noorani is the Founder and President of Powerful Methods Inc., whose mission is “To develop a new generation of leaders who serve the world by inspiring ordinary people to produce extraordinary results.” Hank’s passion for Systems-Thinking has become his life’s work for over 40 years. His diverse global perspectives offer the gift of hope and practicality at the same time.

While each industry has its own nuances, businesses overall have similarities: Essentially, someone has a problem or challenge and a learned leader provides the right solution. By investing time to understand the concepts and models, followed by consistent application, these Powerful Methods help people become happily engaged with solutions that make a difference to organizations, their markets, their people and the world.

You are about to hear about the latest developments in science and Systems-Thinking.

The topics include:
Systems-Thinking: Seeing the Big Picture
The Decision-Cycle: Roadmap to Value Creation
Tests of Rationality: Value Creation for Sustained Prosperity
Decisions & Consequences
Business Decision-Making: Group Consensus on Rational Choices
Leadership Qualities & Productive Organizational Culture
System Design and System Management: Innovation & The Value Chain
Education: Broadening Horizons
Decisions & the Worldview
Evolution of Knowledge: Planning for Learning
The Universal Hierarchy of Objectives & Leadership
Individual Approach to Hierarchy of Objectives
The Business System in the Big Picture
The Free Market System: Interconnections, Dynamics, & Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Our interviewer, Mr. Stulgate, has 20 years of business experience, primarily in finding and delivering solutions for productivity. His interest has always been in finding ways to overcome barriers to productivity. He realizes that Systems-Thinking is truly powerful, as it helps to create enduring value for organizations and those it serves. Chances for growth or failure are always present, and along the way, learning valuable lessons provides the true growth for learners and leaders.

Change is the lifeblood of any organization.
We can embrace it and learn or be forced to embrace it, on reality’s terms.
Objectivity, or seeing things as they are, is the first step in making rational decisions.
Being equipped with tools and knowledge to continuously adapt is vital to sustainability.
Seeing the Big Picture can inspire people to make extraordinary contributions to society.
We welcome your inquiries into ways we can help you make a difference in your world, starting today: Info@PowerfulMethods.com.

Video by Stone Cliff Productions, Inc. StoneCliffProductions.com

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