'Hunger' uses the familiarity of the dinner table to isolate and augment the subtext of small talk between intimate pairs. Two women sit motionless for five hours, looking at each other from across a bare table. The women are physically connected by a knitted form suggesting warmth and coziness, but also a shared straitjacket, confining each to the unrelenting mirroring of the other. In this heightened visual metaphor, each woman has only a single sentence to offer. One is desperate for attention and approval (“Is it good?”), the other is withholding (“If I don’t say anything, it’s good”). Each woman is therefore isolated in her proximity to the other. Exploring the myriad relationships between two people: lovers, parent/child, teacher/student, friends, colleagues, clerk/client, 'Hunger' considers all the ways we cannot communicate, but long to connect.

Longva+Carpenter collaborative performance
Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, NY • May 2011
Microscope Gallery, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY • June 2011

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