On frosty weekend, 22 and 23 of December the Personages of Cardbardia and guests of "Seasons" festival participated in Cardboard Tube Fights (official sport of Cardboardia) in Hermitage Garden.

This unusual way to warm oneself in twenty degrees below zero was very popular among children and adults: during the two days hundreds people registered to take part in the fights. After detailed orientation everyone received shield and cardboard but cold steel. Marching on battlefield, fighter could choose an enemy for duel or immediately rush into a group fight.

Minister of Culture, Bob Lasker, other Main Personages of Cardboardia and also a special Tyran's guest, one of the founders of the League of Fights with Cardboard Tubes (tubeduel.com) - Ravin Pierre - fought very brave and long, supporting other participants by warlike cries and stimulating everybody by blows on soft parts of body (it was prohibited to blow on other parts). Culminations of the both days were captures of cardboard castles. Especially distinguished fighters received a diploma with personal signature of Tyran of Cardboardia.

Music by Neoangin
Video by Виталий Рейслер


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