"In the mountains where they once fought, Bosnian veterans defend a herd of wild horses and find a new kind of freedom for themselves."

When war correspondents move on to their next conflict, a more personal struggle is just beginning for those left behind. This has been painfully true for survivors of the Bosnian war. Luckily for some in the small mountain town of Livno, an unlikely brotherhood has emerged, giving a community of marginalized veterans an equally unlikely path to rebirth.

As paramilitary leader at the young age of 20, Lija now heads the Wolves, a motorcycle gang that resembles the Hell’s Angels in rough image only. This wild cast of Wolves, under his guidance, have become a humanitarian force for good in Livno. One mission captures their spirit more than any other. In the mountains where they once fought, they now tend and defend a herd of wild horses that society has similarly deemed expendable. A harsh environment, poachers, and urbanization continually threaten the herd, and, while it’s not an easy path, the Wolves are determined to control their own fate and survive, along with the horses, a war that seems to never end.

WILD is a fascinating journey of redemption as the Wolves rediscover themselves by helping others, not least the 250 wild horses that inspire them to redefine what it means to be free.

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