Spike Jonze inspired nonlinear storytelling. From Cloudy October's album "The Metal Jerk."


Song: 4play
Album: The Metal Jerk

Chris Buchal

Creative Director/Editor

Director of Photography
Harrisen Howes

Sperm.Baby.Bomb Spfx
Chris Herrick

Eyeball Spfx
Jake Bortnick

Cole Fiala
Diego Giovanni Sanchez

Cam Operator A
Jace Daniel

Cam Operator B
Henri Groux-Halt

Cam Operator C

Produced by
Cloudy October
Chris Buchal of Illustrious Productions LLC.

Associate Producers
Emma Pelett, Kyle Glenn, Luis Garcia

Crowd Producer
Jay Lee

Joel Rey Cano
John Watten
Armeen Monahan

White Rapper - Coltron James
Tomato to the face Guy - Montetre
Boss Agent - Chris Crawford
Bum - Carlson Muss
Bartender - Austin Johnson
Tomato thrower - Roman Merrell

Special Thanks To
Don Andrews, Nathan Coltrane, Kyle Glenn, Luis Garcia, Armeen Monahan for the 5d rental, Emma Pelett, Cast/Crew, Clutch Camera for renting lenses!

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