This week, January 11, 2013 on Seriously Now. News shorts: -Kramer Herzog & Scott Calhoun won the “Best Producer Award” at the CreaTV Silicon Annual Award Ceremony last Saturday.
-Residents at the Redwood Senior Residential Care Facility have fallen ill from the Norovirus. Two residents have died. -The San Rafael Police investigated 2 bank robberies, an assault & robbery and a rape case. -In what is viewed as an attempt to block a low-income housing project, the Lucas Valley Homeowners Association circulates a petition to designate Lucas Valley Road as a county scenic highway. -Three drowning off the coast of West Marin and warnings about sneaker waves. Sneakers rush up as high as 100 yards, a football field’s length and occur in any weather. Never turn your back on the ocean, walk a safe distance from the water, especially with dogs and children. -Congressman Jared Huffman sworn in as Lynn Woolsey retires after 20 years. -The Marin Human Rights Commission launched a champaign for a Citizens Review and Advisory Council for the county’s Sheriff Department.
Correspondent Stories: -An interview with Ed Berberian about Marin’s new gun buy-back program. Lawrence Strict, interviewer. -An interview with Cindy Sheehan about her opposition to all wars and to high-powered gun possession. The full interview can be seen at OnDemand. Jolie de Pauw, interviewer. -Judith Selby-Lang and Richard Lang created an installation for the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito from the contents of a dead whale’s stomach. The installation is called “The Ghost Below”. -The Brothers of Invention - repeat segment on Nimby-ism. -Oyster Solstice Celebration to benefit the workers at the Drakes Bay Oyster Farm. -A new animation by Director Eric Morey
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