Please see the "artie'' version which shows the amazing possibilities of the camera and the workflow during grading.

Director Ben Elia
Cinematographer: Philippe Ros AFC
Camera operator: François Paturel
First AC / D.I.T.: Mathieu Lamand
Second AC: Franck Noell
Editor: Claire Balbusquier
Original music: Christian Fabre dit Garrus
Sound design: Marcel Rouste
Philippe Ros, cinematigrapher, A.F.C., explored the 4K potential with Olivier Garcia, engineer, Laurent Desbrueres, senior colourist and François Dupuy, technical manager at Digimage Cinema post house. Together they redesigned the whole Sony F65 digital workflow. After this evolutionary research, Philippe called his first choice director and script writer, Ben Elia, and after briefing him, asked him to transform a simple beta test into a cinematic reality…
Ben popped an idea: « what if we hid a robot in the shots? ». A crew of five people started filming in a deep forest, under bad weather conditions... with a toy. The intention of using this little robot helped us to focus the attention of the audience to what we wanted them to see or not to see, on a wide 4K image. This allowed us to play with the bokeh, the aesthetic quality of the blur. While the robot played its own music...

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