So this New Year hasn't been good so far. Only now I have recovered from a some sort of a viral infection. Videos and movies have kept me pretty much sane during this time.

So, last year Erik (Eki) and myself have finished a video, which took us 2 years to make. Here is the link if you have not seen it yet -

As soon as the weather turned sour after summer - Rain, cold and then snow, we started going to our indoor facilities. It's nothing much, but we use them to the fullest.

We had an idea to make a banger video with Eki to showcase the riding, which is going every day pretty much. Like no joke, this is how Eki rides pretty much every single session. There is always something new and something big or tech or stylish thrown down. Not only Eki is good at street, but he has some tricks up his sleeves when it comes to park. Of course street is where we most enjoy to hang around and film, but when you can't ride street, we chill with our friends, film and have good times in our small indoors.

Should we make a dirt edit next time around? What do you all think?

Song: Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson - Nasty (feat. Planet Asia)

Thanks to:

- Timo Pritzel
- Atmosfair Clothing
- Alex Rims

Hope you will enjoy this and we might make something else as well.

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